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Tractor Driver ©

These pages represent my dabbling with the interweb, surfing the wotsit, and compiling something of my very own. From its humble beginnings in December 2003, it's grown from strength to strength, to what you see today, another humble beginning. Navigate through this site or just get to the link you really wanted using the Links menu at the top.

So who is this legendary TRACTOR DRIVER? A tall, grey, handsome, bespectacled chap (Blues Brothers Ray-Bans), usually sporting one of the tops shown on the left, a wide-brimmed Somerset floppy (maroon or off-white), or even worse, the £1 tam-o-shanter purchased in Edinburgh May 2003. The top half is usually complimented by shrunk-to-fit jeans (from early 1975), or street-cred red, white or green flannels (often referred to as pyjamas), or even shorts (maroon or off-white) that can be adapted to keep the chest warm! More often than not, drinking Blackthorn (not tea!) from a stoneware mug (mark III after mark I literally bit the dust outside the Stragglers a couple of years ago, and mark II could still be riding a Wessex Train somewhere)!